Yun Nam Haircare’s 4 Ways to Avoid Hair Loss

hair loss

Hair-loss is something that the majority of men will face in their lifetime. It has been estimated that at least half of all men will begin to lose their hair by the age of 35. Some even begin to lose their hair before that age. So what is a man to do? Do they just assume that it is genetic and deal with it? Actually, if a man starts to examine strategies at the very beginning as to why they are beginning to lose their hair, sometimes it can be stopped. Here are some tips:





1. Don’t assume that its genetic.

The first step is to simply not assume that the thinning hair is genetic. Hormonal difficulties, thyroid problems, and vitamin deficiencies can all cause men to lose their hair. After that, a man should see a dermatologist to see what steps they can take to stop their hair from shedding. They should log on to, enter your zip code, and select “hair disorders” from the list of chosen specialties.


2. Go with the science.

It really is best not to side with the shampoos on the late-night infomercials that promise to regrow your grow immediately. Often these are a rip-off and will do nothing for you. However, products such as Rogaine and Propecia do actually help to keep you with a full head of hair. Propecia works by blocking the conversion of Testosterone into DHT, but some men have reported getting ED after using this product so be careful. Rogaine can actually regrow hair in some cases, but people have to be consistent with it and use it correctly. Don’t panic if some hair is actually shed during the first few months, because this is normal. Use it twice a day, and most men will see results.



Shampoos that contain Ketoconazole shown to reduce hair by up to 17 percent.


3. Get the right shampoo.

Although many of the late-night infomercials are simply just scams, there are actually a few shampoos out there that can preserve your hair. Look for shampoos that contain Ketoconazole, which has been shown to reduce hair by up to 17 percent. Use it with Rogaine or Propecia three times a week for the best results.




4. Consider laser therapy.

Many men invest in a device called a LaserCap, which has been shown to help regain hair thickness by up to 22 percent in thickness and 15 percent in hair density after a period of 24 weeks. For a laser therapy consultation of your own, visit the experts at Yun Nam Hair care.


How To Stop Hair Loss

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12 Tips to Help Your Hair Grow Naturally


Dying to have long, luscious locks, but not sure how to help your hair grow quickly? Even if you only want to use natural products and remedies, there are a host of options for you.

1. Have your hair trimmed every eight weeks. Ask your stylist to just take a small amount off the ends to keep your hair healthy. You’ll get rid of frayed ends; healthy hair grows more quickly than unhealthy hair!



olive oil for hair grow

2. Use a hot oil treatment and massage it into your scalp. Not only will this help your hair grow, but it’ll also smooth and soften it. Olive oil, coconut oil, and jojoba oil work great.


3. Use natural organic shampoo to keep your hair clean without causing buildup.


4. Apply a hair mask made of egg whites. Leave it on for a few minutes before shampooing out. Egg whites will restore your hair’s health and strength. It’ll leave it shiny, too!


5. Drink plenty of water. You already know that water will help you get gorgeous, glowing skin, but did you know that it’s also good for your hair? When you drink water, toxins flush out of your system, encouraging hair growth.


6. Be careful when brushing, and don’t brush too often. Brush one to two times in the morning and once or twice at night. Brushing too much will lead to split ends. However, brushing can be good for your hair, in moderation. It will improve scalp circulation, which helps with hair growth.


avoid hair dryer



7. Avoid heat styling whenever possible. When you use a blow dryer, curling iron, or flat iron, your hair can easily get damaged.


8. Eat plenty of protein-rich foods. When you eat a healthy diet, complete with lean protein, your hair will grow quickly, and you’ll also notice how much better the quality of your hair is. Add veggies, fruit, fish, and eggs to your regular diet.


vitamin e



9. Take your daily vitamin. When your hair is brittle and dry, it usually points to a vitamin deficiency. Vitamins A, B, and C are vital for hair growth. Additionally, you can eat vitamin-rich foods. You can also use a vitamin treatment on your hair.


10. Deep condition every week to keep your scalp healthy. Either ask your stylist to give you the treatment before a trim, or do it at home. There are plenty of natural deep conditioners to try out.


hair grow tips



11. Essential oils are great to use over your entire body, your hair included. Mix three drops of lavender oil with three drops of rosemary oil and two drops of both cedar wood and thyme oils. Add in a drop or two of jojoba oil, too. Put the mixture straight onto your hair.


12. Make a hair mask by juicing three potatoes, adding in the yolk of one egg, and adding some honey. The potato will add vitamins while the honey and egg will restore moisture.


How to make your hair grow faster


Love beauty and hair care tips? You can combat almost any beauty problem naturally.

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Shakura Malaysia – Rules of Clear Skin: How to Cleanse, Tone and Exfoliate the Right Way


Have you ever wondered why you just are not able to have perfect, flawless skin? If so, you are not alone. There are millions of people who struggle with this very question. However, chances are, you just are not following some of the most basic skin care rules. There are far too many false rules out there you might be following and it may just be causing you more problems than what you know. Due to this, you need to just follow these steps and clear skin is going to be just a short ways away.


Apply Upward


When you apply your skin care products, do you start with your forehead and work your way down? This might be your biggest problem. You want to actually massage the product in using an upwards motion. This is because it is going to help improve your skins ability to absorb the product. A gentle, circular motion moving upwards is an excellent way to go.


Makeup Goes Down


On the other side, you want to apply your makeup in a downwards motion. This helps with different ways. First, the makeup is easier to remove when it is not forced into your pores through the upwards motion. On the other hand, it is not going to clog your pores either. Makeup is one of the leading causes of breakouts, so you want to try to avoid this as much as possible.


Take Time Off


Your skin needs to breathe. You can’t just wear makeup all the time, or your skin is never going to look great. Always make sure to wash the makeup off of your face before you go to bed. Also, go the weekend without wearing makeup unless you have plans. If you’ve seen pictures of most celebrities just running errands, they do not usually have much, if any, makeup on. They know the key to flawless skin is to leave it naked from time to time.




You need to rid your skin of the dead skin cells. As the temperature starts to rise, more oil is usually found in the skin, so by exfoliating, you can remove both the excess skin cells and the added oil. You want to do this a few times a week. Sakura Malaysia advised: Do not over exfoliate though, as doing it every day may cause your skin to produce more oil than usual in order to make up the difference.

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Yun Nam Hair Care Effectiveness – Tips to Keep Your Hair Healthy and Shiny


Like skin, your hair just looks healthier when it shines, reflecting the light and creating highlights that make your face appear luminous. The way you wash your hair and the products you use will help maintain healthy, smooth and shiny hair. Dermatologist Elizabeth Tanzi, in Washington, D.C., states hair glows best when the minute scales of the cuticle lay flat and bounce back rays of light. However, in order to get the best shine from your hair you need to take proper care of your locks.


Irrespective of cost, many, if not most, shampoos and conditioners will deliver the same benefits. Select a shampoo and conditioner that is specifically formulated for your specific type of hair. As an example, if your hair is colored you should use a shampoo which is designed for colored hair. If your hair is chemically treated a shampoo with conditioner will work best to repair the danged caused by the chemicals.



Don’t always shampoo our hair, shampoo your hair base on it’s condition.


How often you shampoo your hair is best based on the amount of oil produced by your scalp. If you have a truly oily scalp you may need to wash your hair every day. However, if oily hair has been treated, such as with a hair dye, it can have a tendency to be drier, so it will require less-frequent washing. Additionally, as you age your scalp will produce less oil, so you may not need to shampoo your hair as often. However, if you begin to notice flakes you might not be washing your hair often enough. When washing your hair concentrate on cleaning your scalp, working the shampoo into the skin, rather than just the hair fibers, as washing just the hair can often create dull, coarse and lifeless hair.



Use a good conditioner that suit you to enhance the appearance of damaged hair.


Use a good conditioner, or a shampoo with conditioner, every time you wash your hair as a conditioner will considerably enhance the appearance of damaged hair by improving shine and strength. Additionally, a conditioner will help reduce static electricity. Concentrate on working the conditioner thoroughly into the tips of hair fibers. However, if you have fine hair only use the conditioner on the ends of the fibers, and not all over your entire head of hair, as conditioners can make fine hair look lifeless. (See more at Yun Nam Hair Care)


How to get Long Shiny Healthy Hair!


Always protect your hair when swimming in chlorine-treated water by thoroughly wetting your hair and applying conditioner before entering the pool. After swimming use a shampoo specifically formulated for swimmers as well as a deep conditioner.

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The Keys to Buying a Second Hand Car in Singapore


Buying a second hand car is an affordable way to get the wheels you need at an affordable price. There are many great cars waiting for new owners, and understanding how to get the best second hand car for the money is the key to finding the right set of wheels.

Know What You Want

In order to get the right car, you have to know exactly what you are looking for that will meet your needs. If you want a small car, research the best ones for the money. If you are planning to buy your second hand car from a dealership, it is especially important to know exactly what you want. In some cases, dealers will try to sell you the car that they want you to buy, not necessarily the one that is best for you. Arrive at the dealership with a checklist of the best features that fit your needs and budget.





Set a Budget

Setting a budget means knowing exactly how much you are willing and able to spend and not going over that amount. When you set a budget, you will be in a better position to negotiate on the best price, either from a used car dealer or a private seller. Setting a budget means knowing the approximate cost of the vehicle you want and being an informed buyer when you go to pick out your car. Don’t tell the dealer how much you are willing to spend. Let him give you a price and then negotiate from there.



Inspected the car before you purchase it to avoid using extra money.


Have the Car Inspected

When it comes to buying a second hand car, it is paramount to have it inspected thoroughly before you buy it. Even if it looks good on the surface, there could be other issues that might crop up later and cost you extra money. Take an auto repair specialist with you when you go to shop for your car and have him check out all of the car’s systems before you make a purchase decision.

Do a test drive with the car to see how it actually runs. Take it on the highway, drive it over differing road conditions and find out exactly how it will work after you buy it. The only way to find out exactly how the car drives is to drive it, so accept an extended test drive if the dealer or seller offers it.



Shop around or negotiate to get the best price of your car.


Shop Around

Don’t plan on making a purchase the same day you view your car. If you are prepared to walk away, you are in a much better position to negotiate on the price. Look at several cars and wait at least 24 hours before making any purchase decisions. It is helpful to take a friend along with you to help you cool down if you get overly excited about a particular car.

Eat Before You Shop

While this may seem like a strange piece of advice, there is actually a valid reason for having a meal before you shop. When you are hungry, your brain gets distracted by the sensation and makes it difficult for you to focus on other things. A person who is hungry is more likely to rush through a transaction so that he can get away to eat. Having a meal before you shop for your car will allow you to browse with a clear mind.

When you are looking to buy second hand cars in Singapore, there are many options available to you. By setting a budget, knowing what you want and having the car inspected, you will be more likely to get the car of your dreams.


How To Buy a Used Car

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5 Simple Yet Often-Overlooked Beauty Tips That Complete Your Entire Look


Obviously, everyone wants to look their best. When we feel good about our appearance, our confidence rises leaving us feeling like we can take on the world. However, many people do not even know where to start when it comes to livening up their looks. Check out some little-known beauty tips below:





1. Check Your Shampoo


Today, too many individuals are dealing with dry, brittle hair and they have absolutely no reason why. Well the cause may be your shampoo. If you use a clarifying shampoo more than once a week, this is definitely the root of the problem. In fact, if you have textured hair you shouldn’t be uing this kind of shampoo more than once a month. That’s because these shampoos are made to get rid of product buildup. In other words, they take away any natural oils found in the hair. Instead, you should opt for a shampoo that caters to those with dry hair as they have extra moisturizing agents in them. These agents work to hydrate the hair and add shine.


2. Use Clear Styling Products on Gray Hair


Gray hair doesn’t have any melanin in it, which means that it’s easy for these locks to pick up pigments from the environment. That includes smoke found in the air or minerals floating in the water. Besides the environment, gray hair gets these pigments from products like chemical relaxers or oils on the scalp. In order to avoid ruining your hair’s natural color, look into using styling products that are white or clear. Also, employ a shampoo and conditioner once a week that are designed for gray hair.


3. Cover Your Whole Face to Avoid Signs of Aging


It’s a fact of life that we all grow older with each passing year, whether we like it or not. That’s why if you want to minimize any signs of aging, it is important to apply skincare products from the periphery of your face inward. Of course these skincare products have to include SPF and anti-agers. Unfortunately, as many women start to age they apply most of their products in the middle and not enough around parts like the hairline and jawline.


However, those are the parts of the face that actually encounter the most skin damage. It’s best to look into what products work best for your particular facial structure and apply the proper treatment. There are all kinds of skincare regiments like V-shape face treatment, heart shape face treatment and oval shape face treatment so educate yourself on the one that’s right for you.


4. Wear Jewelry that Will Leave Your Skin Looking Like It’s Glowing


It’s best if you wear jewelry such as medium-length drop earrings and necklaces with embellishments as those pieces ultimately attract light.


The light then reflects off your skin, so that your whole complexion is brightened. This leaves your face looking much more visually appealing.


5. Highlight Your Wrinkles to Make Them Less Noticeable


If you want to draw attention away from your wrinkles, you must place a little bit of liquid highlighter onto the top of your crow’s feet. While this may not sound like it will work, it does. However, the liquid highlighter must be a shade that is close to your skin’s natural tone. By taking this step, you are actually reflecting light away from all of your imperfections, like the wrinkles, while giving off the impression that you have an even complexion. This is an illusion that will really trick all those who come in contact with you.


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How to Maintain Natural and Healthy Hair

Beauty Copper Hairstyles-3


Healthy hair has a natural resilience, shine and beauty that most people will recognize right away. Unhealthy hair usually looks flat, unkempt or lifeless. It takes a little bit of effort to keep your hair healthy and looking natural. It involves more than just using the right products and staying out of the sun. Here are some several tips (by Yun Nam Hair Care) will help you to maintain healthy and natural looking hair.



Treat Your Scalp

Your hair grows from follicles within your scalp. These follicles are below the surface. Problems with the follicles can lead to serious issues with your hair. You need to make sure that you take care of your scalp every week. You will want to exfoliate your scalp on a weekly basis to keep the follicles clean and clear. You also want to make sure that your shampoo or conditioner makes it to your scalp. Ignoring your scalp can lead to frizzy hair or even hair loss over time.


Natural hair care


Use Natural or Organic Hair Care Products

You should always try to use natural or organic hair care products. The types of shampoos and conditioners that are available in most retail locations could contain chemicals that are harmful to your hair. They most often contain harsh sulfates. These are equivalent to detergents in shampoos. This can eat away at the protective coating on your hair. The result will be unhealthy hair that splits or breaks easily. Use hair care products that do not contain harsh chemicals and detergents.



Keep Your Hair Trimmed

If you want healthy hair, then you need to keep it trimmed. This is especially true if you want or have long hair. Hair that is not trimmed will eventually split along the tips and shafts of each strand. This creates unattractive hair that is hard to manage. You should plan to have your hair trimmed every six to eight weeks at least. A simple trim will remove split ends and allow your hair to remain healthy.


Having nutritious diet in order to have the healthiest hair possible.



Eat a Nutritious Diet

Your hair is produced by your body. The condition of your body directly affects the quality and health of your hair. You need to eat a nutritious diet in order to have the healthiest hair possible. This means you need a diet that contains a balance of vitamins and nutrients. You need to eat proteins to encourage proper hair growth. Eating a nutritious diet is one of the best ways to have long, vibrant and strong hair that looks beautiful.

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