Boarding School Survival Tips for New Students

Boarding school

Being sent off to school can always be tough when you’re young. Attending boarding school can be even more difficult since it’s far away from home and there are strict rules to adhere to. Here are a few tips to make your stay there as enjoyable as possible, some may sound funny but after some time in a militaristic setting where your parents aren’t going to be there to beg the staff to go easy on you it’s going to become clear why some of these tips are no joking matter.

Make sure to keep all of your personal belongings under lock and key. Not just any cheap padlock will do either, get a number combination or a rare one that not everybody will come to school with. After all, if somebody else has an identical lock and key then yours isn’t going to be worth anything if that person tries to steal your stuff. Don’t think just because you’re at boarding school people won’t get into your personal effects and take what they want because they will.

All boarding schools have strict uniform policies and it’s never a good idea to alter them. You will receive punishments and more than likely get reprimanded for hours by the administration or teaching staff that catches you. Trying to make your outfit seem cool may win you points with your peers but none of the staff at the school will take it lightly.




Always bring along snacks, the food the school is going to offer you isn’t going to be gourmet. It’s always a good idea to bring anything you can enjoy personally: cookies, crackers, pretzels, chips. It should be okay with the school and if the kitchen is ever closed while you are hungry you will never regret having kept yourself stocked with all types of goodies to munch on.

Also make sure to keep in touch with your parents and friends back at home. There’s no reason to get home sick out at school, you can write them letters telling them about your experiences or give them a phone call should the school permit.

If the school you attend uses corporal punishment, get used to putting padding over your buttocks if you can’t seem to stay out of trouble. Some school will still paddle you for insubordination and it can get to be a lot for your butt to handle so either follow the rules or fold a wash cloth or pair of boxers to act as an extra buffer for your backside.

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Foreclosed Home in Malaysia: Buying Checklist


Purchasing a foreclosed home can be trickier than buying a home listed on traditional markets for various reasons. But before we delve into these reasons we should first know what exactly a foreclosed home is.

A foreclosed home sometimes referred to as a REO or real estate owned property is a property that was once owned by a consumer but has somehow fallen back into the hands of the mortgage holder. This can happen for a multitude of reasons like none payment of the mortgage over an extended period of time or if the property was voluntarily relinquished in lieu of foreclosure by the homeowner. In plain English it means that the original mortgage lender, usually a bank, becomes the owner of the property and puts it up for sale to recover money owed and this is where you as a perspective buyer come in.

Banks are not in the business of owning things they are in the business of lending money so they tend to look to offload foreclosed properties as soon as possible which means that it is possible for you to get a good home for way cheaper than market value. But before getting yourself committed to purchase Malaysian properties – see StarProperty, there are a few things you should do first.

1) Have the home appraised. 
You should know the market value of the home down to the last penny to ensure that you’re not paying too much for a property that could lose potential value in the long run.

2) Have the home inspected. 
You should never buy a property sight unseen. You’ll want to know if the home is move in ready or a fixer upper. If it needs significant repair you don’t want to pay over market value then get stuck having to sink in more money trying to make it livable.

3) Secure proper financing. 
Make sure that you know what you can afford to avoid having your purchase being foreclosed on you in the future. Financing offered by banks on foreclosed homes vary but most banks offer similar plans to the ones offered on homes purchased through traditional markets.

4) Know foreclosure laws. 
Foreclosure laws vary from state to state so you should research the laws that apply to where you are relocating to. For example states that have a lengthy title and county deed transferal process can significantly delay a purchase of a home so be wary if you’re looking to buy in a hurry.



Now that you have been given a foundation to start with buying a foreclosed home should be a piece of cake.



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4 Fabulous Guesthouses in Melaka, Malaysia


Each year, countless tourists visit lovely Melaka, Malaysia. They are drawn by its rich history, fantastic museums, gorgeous sights, cultural attractions, wildlife, theme parks and so much more. Fortunately, there are several wonderful guesthouses for you to stay in for some much needed rest in between enjoying all the activities.


1. Roof Top

This lovely air-conditioned guesthouse is centrally located to many spots of interest and is kept very clean by owners who are extremely helpful and anxious to help their lodgers be as comfortable as possible. You will enjoy the rooftop lounge area with front and back balconies and plenty of tables and chairs. There is free wireless Internet, comfortable beds, a television room and a full kitchen where visitors will often find free coffee, tea, fresh fruit and even fresh cakes and breads.


Roof Top Melaka

Roof Top Melaka


Roof Top Guest House Melaka

Roof Top Guest House Melaka




2. Karim CT

The owners of this spotlessly clean guesthouse have taken extra steps to create a family atmosphere for their lodgers. They are happy to sit down and chat with you, provide extra towels, blankets and pillows upon request and even routinely provide meals for their guests. Even special requests such as a vegetarian meal will be gladly offered. Bicycle rentals are available, and these kind owners have even been known to personally drive their guests to spots of interest.

Karim CT Guest House

Karim CT Guest House


Karim CT Guest House Room

Karim CT Guest House Room

3. Ringo’s Foyer

Be prepared to make new friends when you choose to stay at this guesthouse. The owners will introduce you to each lodger when you arrive, and they arrange for restaurant and biking tours and take you around to the local markets. This owner is super friendly and will entertain you with countless stories and even a few songs. You will also enjoy the comfortable rooms and complimentary breakfast.

Ringo's Foyer

Ringo’s Foyer


Ringo’s Foyer Guest House Melaka Walkway

Ringo's Foyer internal view

Ringo’s Foyer internal view

4. Tidur Tidur

If you want to go fishing or just enjoy the water, then you will appreciate the river access offered from this neat and clean guesthouse. You will find owners that are helpful and friendly and always ready to do whatever necessary to help their lodgers be as comfortable as possible. This guesthouse is centrally located to allow you an easy walk to several popular local attractions.

Tidur-Tidur Guesthouse

Tidur-Tidur Guesthouse

Tidur-Tidur Guesthouse

Tidur-Tidur Guesthouse

These guesthouses are all wonderful choices for your visit or vacation to Melaka. You should also check out some homestays in Melaka for more excellent options. Wherever you stay, you and your family are sure to make some wonderful memories in this lovely area of the world.

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Top 5 Attractions to Check Out in Shah Alam, Selangor


Here’s a short guide of some nice attractions you should take time to see on your trip. You’ll surely love the rich culture, food, and vibes this place has to offer.

Have fun in i-City

First of all, you should definitely check out a spot such as i-City Shah Alam at This is a great family friendly kind of place that has a lot of different activities available. For example, you can check out an attraction called Snowalk. It has bobsledding, different fair rides and more to make a family event out so much more fun.


iCity Shah Alam

iCity Shah Alam



Consider fishing at Crab Island

If you get hungry after all of that activity, you should check out one of the many Selangor properties such as Crab Island. It’s a great fishing area and you’ll find the ferry ride to be quite relaxing. Take a load off during your busy schedule.


Crab Island

Crab Island



Get some great hiking at Klang Gates and Bukit Broga

Once you’ve taken a bit of a rest, take a hike at Klang Gates Quartz Ridge and Bukit Broga. These are great mountain terrains which provide excellent views and will surely kick your day off in the right way!


Klang Gates Quartz Ridge

Klang Gates Quartz Ridge


Bukit Broga

Bukit Broga



Have fun at Malaysia Agriculture Park

Get in touch with more wildlife and nature at the Malaysia Agriculture Park. There are tons of different exhibits and things to check out that will surely keep you busy. It’s also a great way to see more of the exotic animals in Malaysia.


Malaysia Agriculture Park

Malaysia Agriculture Park



Take in the beautiful scenery at Chilling Waterfall

Another place that’s quite adventurous is Chilling Waterfall. This is a spectacular place with a waterfall view that will mesmerize you and your loved one. If you don’t mind getting wet and adding a bit of spice to your day, this is the place to view. Enjoy a nice picnic but be careful to not leave your food unattended or a random group of monkeys will rummage your food. Take a look at the fish in the clear waters as well as other natural life.


Chilling Waterfall

Chilling Waterfall


These are just a few attractions to look at on your trip to Shah Alam. Whether you want more nature or tourist events, you definitely have some great choices in the matter.



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3 Tips to Increase Your Shopping Power

happy shopping


Grocery shopping is a recurring activity that is conducted throughout the year. Whether your family shops on a scheduled basis or during infrequent time frames, grocery stores are filled with food, drinks and a variety of household items. Maximizing your shopping power could result in some substantial savings.


Make a Shopping List

To avoid overspending, you should make a shopping list prior to entering a grocery store. With so many items on the shelves, consumers are compelled to occasionally purchase unnecessary items. Grocery stores are designed to promote items that command a consumer’s attention. A shopping list will help to ensure that your budgeted items are the primary items within your shopping cart.


Search for Manufacturer’s Coupons

Manufacturer’s coupons are circulated to entice consumers to buy or to try certain promotional items. You could reduce your shopping costs by using coupons for items that are reflected on your shopping list. You can typically find manufacturer’s coupons in local newspapers, online and within certain mailers.



Unless you are committed to specific brand items, you may be able to save money via several comparison-shopping strategies. For instance, if you decide to buy toilet tissue online, you can compare items that you have manufacturer’s coupons for against other brands. After comparing the prices for sale items versus your savings with manufacturer’s coupons, you can determine the product that is best for your needs.

It is important to determine the quantity that you will receive for certain goods. For instance, toilet tissue may be priced at $1 for a 1000-sheet two-ply roll. You may need to weigh the better value for toilet tissue that costs half as much for a 1000-sheet single-ply roll.



With advanced planning and several basic calculations, you might be able to increase your shopping power.



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6 Diet Tips That Will Help You Succeed

Diet thumb

Many people would like to lose weight for reasons of health or to simply be able to fit in their bathing suit. Whatever your reason for trying to lose weight, you probably already know it’s not always the easiest goal to accomplish. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help you be a successful dieter.


Snack Fruits1. Snack Often

A mistake often made by dieters is to deny themselves food. This always results in becoming so hungry that you will overeat whatever you can get your hands on. Keep nutritious snacks ready at all times. Food items such as apple, carrot and celery sticks, low-fat cheese cubes, yogurt, a handful of nuts and high fiber and high protein bars are all excellent choices.


Sport icon2. Exercise Daily

Many people will say they can’t lose weight because they hate to exercise. You don’t hate to exercise, you just need to find something you really enjoy doing. Get your body up and moving at least 30 minutes each day. You can do yoga, swim, walk your dog, play with your children or bicycle around the neighborhood.


drink icon3. Stay Hydrated

A thirsty body sometimes thinks it is hungry. Drink plenty of water or unsweetened fruit teas, and you will be far less likely to overeat.


Cookie icon4. Indulge Yourself

Slimming specialist from London Weight Malaysia suggested, let yourself enjoy some of your favorite foods once in awhile. You can have one of your favorite cookies or a smaller portion of your mother’s homemade lasagna. Just let yourself enjoy the taste rather than stuffing yourself. You’re less likely to cheat on your diet if you aren’t constantly denying yourself everything.


cake icon5. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

When your sweet tooth will not be denied, stick to a small piece of hard candy. Candies such as red-hot fireballs, cinnamon disks, butterscotch disks and peppermints can all tame your sweet tooth. Be sure to make yourself suck on one candy until it is gone to keep yourself from gobbling an entire bag.


Breakfast icon6. Eat Breakfast

Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Food items such as egg whites, high fiber cereals and oatmeal will all get your day off to a productive start and will hold you until lunch.

These tips should help you achieve your desired weight loss. However, you should remember that diets only work as long as you stay on them, so your main focus needs to be on changing your lifestyle for the better. Once you trade in your old bad habits for better and healthier choices, you will be able to keep yourself trim with little difficulty.




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A+ Tips for Healthy, Glossy Hair

If you have lackluster, dull, lifeless and just plain unhealthy hair, stop feeling envious of people who have glossy locks. Instead of feeling upset about the state of your hair, do something about it. With the right hair care practices by Yun Nam Hair Care Malaysia, you too can have the healthy, gorgeous hair of your dreams.

1. Eat Foods That Promote Hair Health
The right foods can get you on the path to the beautiful hair you seek. Salmon, for example, is chock-full of omega-3 fatty acids that can encourage the growth of strong locks. The fish also contains vitamin D and protein, both of which are also beneficial to hair. Various excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids include trout, walnuts and avocado. Other foods that can be excellent for hair health include spinach, eggs, sweet potatoes and oysters. Spinach and sweet potatoes provide your hair with beta carotene. Oysters give your hair zinc. Eggs consist of iron. All of these things contribute to A+ hair quality.

2. Keep Your Hair Away From Chlorine
While swimming in pools might have an excellent effect on your physique, it can have a bad effect on your hair. The chlorine in pool water can wreak havoc onto your hair. If you wear a secure swim cap while you’re in the pool, however, you can defend your hair from the chemical. It also is important to deep condition your hair right after swimming in pools. By doing this, you can restore your hair’s healthy hydration. If your hair always has a fried, overly dry appearance, chlorine could be to blame.

3. Be Smart With Your Blow Dryer
If you regularly dry and style your hair with a blow dryer, be smart in your approach. Always select the “warm” setting. Then keep the dryer anywhere between 6 and 8 inches away from your locks. By doing this, you can maintain healthy and shiny hair — and avoid frizzy, brittle and damaged locks.

4. Value Your Long Hair
If you have long hair, then you have to make a commitment to its upkeep. You should get the ends of your hair trimmed each 6 to 8 weeks or so. You should also routinely condition the tips. If you condition the tips several times each week, you’ll protect your hair from potential unsightly dryness.

5. Kiss Bad Habits Goodbye
Poor diet, smoking and stress are all things you should kick out of your life for numerous reasons. Hair health is just one of them. These things can make your precious locks look dull. They can also make your hair susceptible to weakness and breakage – no, thank you.


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